Stretch Film

Stretch Film is a polyethylene film designed for high elongation, used to palletize items for storage or shipping. Using stretch film as a method of unitizing pallets has numerous benefits, such as: Over the years, advancements in film structures have allowed stretch film to possess highly specialized properties depending on the needs of the end users, such as UV protection and one-side cling to reduce pallet adhesion.

How to save money on stretch film

There are a number of things you can do to save money on stretch film, while at the same time reducing waste.

Use a lighter gauge film

With the improvements in film structures and ability to create multi-layer films of varying properties, it is often possible to lower film gauge while maintaining pallet integrity. We provide a wide array of films and will gladly perform testing with you to find the film that works best with maximum source reduction.

Apply film with a machine instead of by hand

Stretch wrap is meant to be stretched before applying it to the pallet. The more it is stretched, the stronger the compression on the pallet and the less film is used. Manual application of stretch film usually stretches the film by a factor of 25 – 40% depending on the strength of the operator. By using a stretch wrap machine, stretch percentages can exceed 100% and even go as high as 300% with the installation of an efficient pre-stretch unit. This adds strength and cost savings to each pallet wrapped.

Attach a Rapid Roper® or Rapid Bander® to your machine

The Rapid Roper or Rapid Bander attachments, made available only through Allied Packaging, are the premiere method of reducing stretch wrap usage while maintaining maximum strength and protection. With the use of our proprietary Rapid Film, the Rapid Roper applies bands of stretch wrap to the pallet, allowing product breathability without compromising stability. The Rapid Bander includes a full web of film applied with the bands of stretch wrap so the pallet is fully covered. Using the Rapid Roper or Rapid Bander has reduced film usage by up to 65% with some customers, resulting in substantial savings and source reduction. And as less film is used, pallets are wrapped more quickly resulting in higher throughput.

Let us schedule a demonstration to see how the Rapid Roper or Rapid Bander, and Rapid Film, may save time and money for you.