Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging involves pliant materials such as foils, films or flexible sheeting designed to protect the product it contains. From stand-up pouches to moisture barrier vapor bags; zip lock bags to foil pouches, Allied Packaging excels in manufacturing the exact bag to fit your specific needs. Some types of bags include:

Lay flat poly bags

Almost every industry makes use of flat poly bags in one form or another. Lay flat poly bags can range from container liners to graphically designed food bags. We manufacture flat bags to your specifications.

Gusseted poly bags

A gusseted bag is simply a bag with “pleats” on the sides, allowing the bottom to sit squarely and thus creating a wider bag and preventing “dog ears”. This may be manufactured in a variety of materials, printed or plain.

Wicketed bags

Wicketed poly bags hang on a metal bracket so they are easily used for a variety of packaging applications. They are often used in high speed, automatic and semi-automatic packaging operations. Wicketed bags are side sealed with two holes at the top where they are held by the bracket.

Stand-up pouches

A pouch that seals on both sides and around the bottom gusset, giving it the ability to stand up on its own.

Zip lock and reclosable bags

Seal top reclosable bags can be made with or without tamper evidence, and may be made in a variety of ways including zip lock, slide lock and tape seal.

Autobags or pre-opened bags

These are bags on a continuous roll. They are generally printed and used for a variety of applications where automatic or semi-automatic packaging is performed.

Form fill and seal

Sheeting which creates a bag for your product by running on a machine which forms, fills and seals the bag on the same machine. Bags are printed and composed of various film structures depending on the material being packaged; food, medical devices, etc.

Shrink film

Shrink film or shrinkwrap is a material made of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over what it is covering. Shrink film or shrink sleeves can be printed to your specifications.

Shrink bundling film

Shrink bundling film is typically applied where toughness and puncture resistance is required. We offer printed or unprinted shrink bundling film in a variety of thicknesses and film structures to protect your product.


Sheeting is used for many different applications and may be designed to be a moisture barrier, UV barrier, or other protective qualities.