You CAN judge a product by its package

…and your customers do! In fact, packaging is a key marketing strategy to glamorize your product and attract consumer attention. Consumers are not only tempted by functional and attractive packaging designs, but are often willing to pay more. While the quality of the product will motivate continued purchases, the initial purchase is often motivated by product packaging, so much so that it must now be included in the major 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion and Price.

The changing role of packaging

For years packaging received little if any consideration as part of the product, simply providing a storage and transport function. However as commerce has expanded and competition increased, packaging became a major part of brand building and consumer recognition.

Today, packaging takes on an even more prominent role, allowing products to be used in different and unique situations, such as properties available in films to allow increased shelf life or provide various food preparation options such as boiling or microwave-ability. In addition, packaging is becoming more and more notable for what it does not do – waste resources and increase carbon footprint, as many manufacturers and retailers look for ways to reduce packaging waste.

Your needs are our number one concern

We understand the role packaging plays in the marketing and distribution of your products, and work with you as part of your team to see that your products get the recognition they deserve.

In a competitive world, your company’s main focus is on making your own product the best it can be. However, problems with the packaging of those products can be tantamount to a total production breakdown.

Allied Packaging has earned the reputation for superior quality and service to our customers. We get the job done – no matter what it takes. Our business philosophy revolves around taking care of our customers, providing what you need and when you need it, seeing that our products are of the highest quality and meet or exceed your expectations.

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